Compelling Stories

True or not these are stories from the witnesses from around the world
and UK!

This one is a UK site

Here all over the world

I've seen a UFO it was in late 2008 Dec time and it hovered over my window slowly moving from west to east and it was round, massive and had orbs attached underneath it so clear and beautiful it was I could see that there was a orb like opening in the middle underneath the craft.
Never seen anything like it before or after this sighting but it was if it wanted me to notice it so I woke and saw it in the night. There was like a deep humming sound that vibrated through me when it was over head.
I just wished I had my camera and woke a little earlier to take it, it would have been by far the best ever so far.

There were experiences which I had before I went to join the ARMY and they were very disturbing to say the least.
1 One night I went to bed and thought to myself nothing because I had a hard day at work and just wanted to nod off. Then I woke at least I thought I did but it wasn't me in my body but like my soul raising from me and looking back at my body. It rose a little then sunk through the floor and I the spirit was watching my MUM working long and hard sowing on her sowing machine. Then out of the blue I shot up into the stars and then began to shoot  into a tubed like tunnel which had swirling light white as white on the walls of the tunnel,
but you could see through the gaps and you could see yourself travelling very, very fast past all the stars and at the end of the tunnel was a white light brighter than bright white light. No way I could see through it but only to get blinded by it then I dreamed of the horrors ahead and then zapped back into my body feeling this I woke up puzzled and scared that I may have died and come back to life or something strange.
Never had that experience again yet!

Another was I was dreaming of the future and houses were burning and people trapped were dying in there houses I went to help one of them and the house blow up as I approached and knocked me back nothing I could do to help them and I was so sad. When I woke I was on the ceiling of my bed room and as I realized I feel to the ground with a thump ouch... that's bizarre what am I doing on the ceiling everyone just thinks I'm barmy so I try not to speak about it.